The Kwara State Government in a committed effort to improve the economy and Human Capital Development index in the State has established the Kwara State Social Investment Programmes.


The Kwara State Social Investment Programmes (KWASSIPs) was established to impact positively on the lives of the poor, vulnerable, unemployed and those at the bottom of the financial pyramid without access to funding, to ensure they are availed the opportunity to better lives. The programmes are aimed at graduating Kwara indigenes from poverty by investing in the people through direct support and capacity building.

The programmes were designed by adopting the Federal Government’s National Social Investment Programmes (NSIPs) while carefully tailoring them to fit the unique challenges and specific needs of the people of Kwara State. By domesticating nationally set standards and interventions that have been impactful at eradicating poverty, at the state level, the KWASSIPs will be imperative to secure any recovery or growth gains.

Strategic Framework

The sustainability and impact of Social Programmes requires frameworks and guidelines that aid in aligning key players (public, private and civil society) within the space to development objectives, maximizing the efficiency of dedicated funds, consolidating local and foreign aid/support towards one overarching objective, and deploying enabling technology for to automate key processes.

The Kwara State Social Investment Programmes were created to impact value and bring economic and social development to the people of Kwara through capacity building, Investment and direct support. The coordinating office would ensure:

Objective leadership and proactive monitoring and evaluation.

Proper coordination and synergy between KWSSIPs and other interventions implemented by relevant MDAs, Development Partners and NGOs in the State and LGAs.

A sustainable and long-term vision for social investment is built and implemented

Strategic Objectives

  • Improve the living conditions of households of the poor and vulnerable with access to targeted funds.
  • Reduce rate of youth unemployment.
  • Eradicate malnutrition in school age children by partnering with the FG’s school feeding programme.
  • Promote access to financial services and increase rate of financial inclusion.
  • Stimulate Productivity and growth, especially in our rural communities through investment in Agriculture and rural businesses.
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The thrust of the administration is to lift our people from poverty line, and how to go about it is through agriculture.

H.E Kwara State Governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq

Ounje Ofe

Establish a seamless partnership with the Federal Government to provide a nutritious balanced meal each school day to pupils across all public primary schools in Kwara State. This will also boost school attendance and stimulation of agricultural value chain businesses.


The Federal Government will target primaries 1 to 3 pupils while the Kwara State government will feed primaries 4 to 6 pupils.

Pilot Phase Target

The FG will commence implementation of the programme in Kwara in 2020while KWASSIP will commence the complimentary implementation of primaries 4 to 6 in 2021.

Size of Benefit Package

₦70 worth of a lunch meal per day, per child

Pilot Duration


K Power

The Kwara State Bureau of Statistics estimated the poverty rate of the state to be 80.54 percent in 2010, this means 8 out of every 10 Kwara residents are considered poor. The Human Capital Development Component of the KWSIP is the K-Power.

The Human Capital Development Component will run focused interventions on four core pillars:

  • Technology Training (Kpower-Tech)
  • Agriculture Support(Kpower-Agro)
  • Vocational Training (Kpower-Build)
  • SME Training and Business Advisory (Kpower-Biz)

Technology Training

The program will train 30,000 young Kwara residents over 3 years in foundational digital skills, while an additional 1,500 youth will be trained in advanced digital skills such as machine learning and artificial intelligence over 3 years. It will expose Kwara youths to globally sought-after digital skills and position them for available employment and entrepreneurship opportunities within the technology space.

Agricultural Support

This pillar will leverage on raising private sector funding (investment) for integrated and rural agribusinesses across key agricultural value chains. It will. identify core crops that puts Kwara State in a position of comparative advantage for national and international export opportunities.The target number of beneficiaries is 10,000 over 3 years, identifying farmers across the 3 senatorial districts to be supported. Each farmer will be supported with land allocations, farm inputs, support through the growth lifecycle, sales and linkage with off-takers for harvested products.

Vocational Training

The vocational training is focused on building Nigeria's next generation of skilled workforce via technical and vocational education. The vocational training targets 6,000 trainees over 2 years across the 3 senatorial districts.

SME Training & Business Advisory

The aim of the SME training and business advisory is to train, equip and empower businesses across the State and aid the growth of micro businesses into small businesses across the state. Aim to target a minimum of 2,500 MSMEs per quarter in the first rounds of training. This implies the training of 10,000 MSMEs per annum. Bridging the gap to providing training and solutions that would address the major impediments which limit SME growth in an emerging economy & also prepare SMEs to access untapped financing for business upscaling from finance facilities like BOI, DBN, CBN etc

Owo Arugbo

For immediate relief from extreme poverty and increase in household consumption by delivering timely and accessible cash transfers to beneficiary households and helping them build their capacities for sustainable livelihoods. KWASSIP will also develop a credible and authentic data base of poor and vulnerable households in tandem with the National Social Register.


Aged women of above 60 years in poorest of the Poor and vulnerable Households

Pilot Phase Target

10,000 Households

Pilot Duration


Owo Isowo

For stimulation of micro, small and medium locally owned businesses by providing financial support (interest-free loans) to the businesses (petty traders) at the bottom of the financial pyramid who ordinarily do not have access to such facilities.


TraderMoni, MarketMoni and FarmerMoni.


Only TraderMoni to be implemented in the first Year.
Petty traders and artisans across Kwara State. No need to belong to a cooperative or own a bank account for the first loan.
Artisans, Manufacturers, Farmers & new age enterprises.

Pilot Phase Target

30,000 Petty Traders

Size of Benefit Package

₦5,000 - ₦10,000 Zero interest Loans.

Pilot Duration